ISE – Institute for Science &Ethics (France)

ISE is based on solid collaboration with its experts: scientists in the marine and health sectors, experts in IT and digitalization, philosopher and social scientists.

The institute offers also the development of communication strategies towards policy makers and various stakeholders in science.

The approach is based on:

  • Diagnostic of innovation impact to identify the main potential shortthe development of new technologies on human health, the environment, protection of the person and geo-politics.
  • Identification of legal framework when innovations do not fall into specific legislation but are linked to several existing regul
  • Ideation: this creative process, cocommunicating new ideas to develop methodologies to overcome the ethical challenges.
  • Implementation of the methodologpersons, to minimize the impact on the environment / human health. Where severe ethical issues, Ethical committees can be implemented in correlation with the sector of interest.

In the CORE project, ISE:

  • is involved in WP1, WP5, WP7, WP8 and WP9;
  • coordinates tasks 1.6, 7.3 and 9.4.

Project PI: Michele Barbier

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