Public Deliverables

  • D1.1 Project Management Plan & ethical conduct (delivery date: 3M)
  • D1.2 Data Management Plan (delivery date: 6M)
  • D1.3 Final Report on Ethical Conduct (delivery date: 36M)
  • D2.1 Natural and man-made disaster scenarios analysis framework (delivery date: 12M)
  • D2.2 Natural and manmade disaster case study identification, research and analysis (delivery date: 18M)
  • D2.3 Comparative analysis of natural and manmade disaster case studies (delivery date: 24M)
  • D3.1 Critical analysis of past disasters (delivery date: 18M)
  • D3.2 Cultural Heritage (delivery date: 24M)
  • D3.3 Risk governance strategy (delivery date: 28M)
  • D3.4 A community resilience strategy (delivery date: 30M)
  • D4.1 Counterfactual risk analysis (delivery date: 24M)
  • D4.2 Comparative analysis and case briefs of preparedness and security of supply (delivery date: 18M)
  • D4.3 Combined systems dynamics model and policy brief of cascades across events, sectors, and supply chain disruptions (delivery date: 24M)
  • D4.4 Risk framework of cascades (delivery date: 28M)
  • D4.5 Multi-Risk analysis (delivery date: 20M)
  • D5.1 Human centeredness and safety culture measurement toolkit (delivery date: 18M)
  • D5.2 Report on Human centred disaster preparedness, emergency management and safety culture diversity among European countries + UK, Israel and social groups (delivery date: 30M)
  • D6.1 Risk-benefit analysis (delivery date: 24M)
  • D6.2 Decision making and resilience (delivery date: 30M)
  • D6.3 Role of emerging technologies enhancing safety culture (delivery date: 36M)
  • D7.1 Report about communication patters (delivery date: 18M)
  • D7.2 Misinformation in social media on risks perceptions (delivery date: 24M)
  • D7.3 Report on communication in social media and ethical values (delivery date: 24M)
  • D7.4 Stakeholders Preferences on tools (delivery date: 36M)
  • D7.5 Tool to fight misinformation on earthquakes (delivery date: 36M)
  • D8.1 CORE Project Dissemination Plan (PDP) (delivery date: 6M)
  • D8.2 CORE dissemination & communication activities report final (delivery date: 36M)
  • D8.3 CORE web-site and Online dissemination and communication infrastructure (delivery date: 6M)
  • D9.1 CORE policy recommendations (delivery date: 36M)
  • D9.2 CORE legacy: ethical recommendations (delivery date: 32M)
  • D9.3 CORE App (delivery date: 36M)
  • D10.1 H - Requirement No. 1 (delivery date: 1M) *
  • D10.2 H - Requirement No. 2 (delivery date: 3M) *
  • D10.3 POPD – Requirement No. 3 (delivery date: 1M) *
  • D10.4 GEN – Requirement No. 5 (delivery date: 12M) *
  • D10.5 GEN – Requirement No. 6 (delivery date: 24M) *
  • D10.6 GEN – Requirement No. 7 (delivery date: 36M) *

* This deliverable is confidencial.



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