18 AusRC

AutRC – Austrian Red Cross (Austria)

In Austria, AutRC has a network of around 57.000 volunteers and 8.300 employees, and at the headquarters it employs around 500 staff members. In the field of civil protection ORK-ARC is providing the following services to the public – mandated by law – all over Austria: Emergency Medical Services, Ambulance Services, First-Responder Services, Humanitarian disaster relief, Psychosocial Support, First Aid-Training for the population, Paramedic-Training.

Similarly, AutRC is a very active actor in civil protection in Europe (trainings, exercises, missions, committees, exchange of experts, etc.) and has a remarkable record of project-work on DRR on international, European and national level both as coordinating as well as participating beneficiary.

In the CORE project, AutRC:

  • leads task 2.2;
  • provides feedback and inputs as civil society representative as well as emergency response provider;
  • supports dissemination and communication activities.

Project PI: Camilo Palacio Ramirez

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