EMSC – Euro-MediterraneanSeismological Centre (France)

The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) is a non-profit NGO, one of the world's leading institution for public earthquake information, and a pioneer of "citizen seismology". Thanks to its LastQuake system, which includes websites, a Twitter and Telegram bot, and a mobile app, the EMSC informs earthquake eyewitnesses while crowdsourcing their observations to globally improve earthquake impact estimation and crisis management efficiency.

In the CORE project, EMSC:

  • uses its tools (The twitter bot, the LastQuake app, the websites and the citizen seismology forum LastQuakers to promote safety culture thanks to inputs from WP5.
  • contributes to WP7 addressing the misinformation fight through the improvement of its tools (with a particular focus on the Twitter bot).

For desktop:

For mobiles:

Download the app:

Project PI: Rémy Bossu

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