ETHZ – Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (Switzerland)

ETH Zurich, founded in 1855, is a leading international university for technology and the natural sciences. ETH Zurich today has over 23,400 students from 121 countries and can report 165 inventions, 115 patents and 43 licenses for 2020. According to the QS ranking, the university is the sixth best in the world and 21 ETH members have received a Nobel Prize.

The Swiss Seismological Service (SED), associated to ETH Zurich, is the leading institution in seismology in Switzerland and the federal agency responsible for earthquake monitoring, alerting and hazard assessment. Currently, 70 people are working at the SED, including 20 PhD students. The SED as well as the professorship of Seismology and Geodynamic have been and are leading partner in several European and international projects in the field of seismology, induced seismicity risk and multi-risk. Further, the SED has a leading role in the design and development of next generation seismological hazard and risk assessment as well as data sharing technology. SED hosts the portal of EFEHR, the European Facility for Earthquake Hazard and Risk (, providing access to information on seismic Hazard and Risk harmonized across Europe.

In the CORE project, ETHZ:

  • does cost-benefit analyses, in particular for earthquake related products/services, as a basis for rational decision making and to increase societies’ resilience.
  • explores the potential of Internet of Things and emerging technologies for enhancing societies’ safety culture.
  • conducts research on risk perception and misinformation on social media for various natural and human-made hazard events.;

Project PI: Michèle Marti:

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