HUD – University of Huddersfield, Global Disaster Resilience Centre (United Kingdom)

At the Global Disaster Resilience Centre (GDRC), our vision is for a society that has the capacity to resist or change to reduce hazard vulnerability, and to continue functioning physically, economically, and socially when subjected to a hazard event.

We seek to achieve our vision by undertaking work that crosses the traditional boundaries between academic disciplines and schools of thought. We provide strategic advice and practical guidance based on rigorous, stakeholder informed research. We are also supported by a worldwide network of partners from policy, government, industry, and academia.

We define a resilient built environment as the: “design, development and management of context sensitive buildings, spaces and places, which have the capacity to resist or change in order to reduce hazard vulnerability, and enable society to continue functioning, economically and socially, when subjected to a hazard event”.

In the CORE project, HUD:

  • leads WP3 to develop a community resilience strategy using the research and analysis on selected past crises;
  • coordinatestasks 3.1, 3.4 and 3.5;
  • contributesto work packagesWP2, WP4, WP6, WP7, WP8 and WP9

Project PI: Dilanthi Amaratunga

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