RESALLIENCE – Sixense Engineering (France)

Resallience is positioned as a major player in supporting its customers in the face of the economic, political, social and environmental challenges of the coming decades. Our services are structured around three main activities:

  • Consulting, including vulnerability and impact assessments, technical and financial evaluations, training, audits and compliance;
  • Modeling corresponding to maintenance and predictive supervision, meteorological/urban microclimate data service and functional engineering by stress test including urban heat islands;
  • Project engineering including project management assistance, integration of technical solutions and coordination through collaborative engineering.

RESALLIENCE coordinates the training courses dedicated to the resilience of infrastructures, cities and territories in many Universities and colleges.

Resallience works with national and international clients on vulnerability and resilience assessments of infrastructures and territories in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Resallience has also developed national and international institutional partnerships and is a member of many working groups and influential groups, including the IPCC Normandy (see letter of support in Annex) or the working group such as AFNOR/ISO standardization security resilience of territories, cities and infrastructures.

In the CORE project, RESALLIENCE:

  • conducts a semantic analysis of the perception of risks by citizens in the countries of the case studies;
  • analyzes the risks of this communication and provides recommendations;
  • provides indicators to support the development of a methodology for fighting misinformation in the use of social.

Project PI: Lucille Alonso

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